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Oral Surgery May Be the Solution for These Conditions

Do you have an improperly fitted set of dentures? If you have experienced this despite having made adjustments to your dental appliance, perhaps the problem lies in the irregularities of your jaw.

Oral surgery can rectify irregularities that are causing you problems when fitting dentures. In fact, it is highly recommended for denture wearers to ensure a better, long-lasting fit. In addition, the bone that supports the dentures can deteriorate over time. This can pose a problem, resulting in dentures not fitting properly. To remedy this predicament, bone graft is added in areas where bone deterioration is prevalent.

If you are struggling with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems, oral surgery may be your solution to get relief. TMJ is located in the ear area at the junction where the lower jaw and skull meet. The common complaints of people suffering from a TMJ disorder are chronic headaches and facial pain. Through oral surgery, TMJ problems can be properly treated.

Facial injury is also a condition that is commonly treated by oral surgery. Here, fractured jaws or broken bones are repaired. Abnormal tissue growths and lesions are also managed or removed, as the case may be, through oral surgery. In the case of abnormal tissues, surgeons may take samples for laboratory testing purposes.

Oral surgery is also a common option for patients experiencing facial infections. Common symptoms of facial infections include pain and swelling in the face, jaw or neck areas. If left untreated, this condition is potentially life-threatening.

When parts of the mouth or nasal cavity do not develop fully, it may result in a cleft lip or cleft palate. Through oral surgery, the gap or split in the lip or roof of the mouth is corrected.