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The more permanent smile solution is dental implants

No one ever really wants to lose his or her natural teeth. In most cases, people who lose several teeth will opt for either total or partial dentures to fill in their smile gaps. Many denture wearers find them uncomfortable or dislike the idea of taking them out at night when they sleep, or feel that their food choices are limited by their "false teeth."

But, thanks to Dr. Richard M. Williams's skill and experience in oral maxillofacial surgery, dental implants have become an outstanding and preferred alternative to dentures and partials for many patients who have lost their natural teeth. Dr. Williams has helped thousands of your Chevy Chase and Germantown friends and neighbors restore their smiles to natural completeness. He's been trained on the latest implant dentistry techniques.

Unlike dentures, implant teeth are permanent. Anchored by a titanium post in the jaw, the tooth implant will not come out and will look and feel more like your natural teeth. They allow normal brushing and flossing, and let you eat whatever you want without restrictions. Unlike dentures, they don't wear out easily, or need periodic relining or special care.  

Do you need more permanent solutions for your missing teeth? Call us at 202-364-9400 (Chevy Chase office) or 301-540-8844 (Germantown) or use our online form to schedule your appointment. Our dental implant patients also come to us from Bethesda, Chevy Chase Village, Gaithersburg, other Montgomery County locations and Washington, DC.